YES! You can use your pre-paid packages now!

We are not selling new packages at this time but you can redeem your pre-paid treatments for telehealth or in-person acupuncture services. Please write "Pre-pay" in the "Reasons for Visit" section when booking through our new system "JANE". If you forgot to write it when booking, no problem! Please tell your practitioner at the time of your visit that you will be using a pre-pay.


It's very important you let us know you will be using a pre-pay since our new system will automatically bill your credit card unless you tell us ahead of time. Thank you!

Acupuncture Hours

Mon  1:30-4:10

Tues  closed

Wed  1:30-4:10

Thur  2:30-5:10 

Fri    10:30-1:10

Sat   10:30-5:10

Sun  closed

Telehealth Hours

Mon   2-4

Tues   10-12

Fri      1-3

1700 Shattuck Ave, 

Berkeley CA 94709    

(510) 845-1100     

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