Group acupuncture is temporarily suspended. We are offering tele-health consultations and shorter duration in person treatments. Read more below or book now.

Tele-health Consultations

Book a tele-health session to discuss your health goals. We currently offer nutritional advice, herbal prescriptions, self-acupressure instruction and other similar support. 

In Person Treatments 

We are in communication with the Berkeley Dept. of Health's Health Officer to determine when it is once again again to offer group treatments. We are hoping that we will be able to offer the following in person services prior to that time. Treatment times will be spaced out to allow for proper social distancing and proper PPE worn by staff, masks worn by patients, and disinfection protocols will be employed. All in person treatments will be around 20 minutes or shorter to minimize person to person contact.

In person services we hope to offer in the near future include...

Ear treatments 

There are more than 200 points in the ear used to treat the whole body. Tacks are very small needles attached to tape. Tacks are placed on ear points and can be left in the ear for several days.


Body tacks

In body tacking we use the same tacks as described above on the body points we normally place needles.



Shiatsu ("finger pressure") and other acupressure techniques are employed to harmonize and energize. 



Using specialized cups, suction is applied to meridians and muscle groups to relieve pain and tension and improve circulation.

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