Berkeley Acupuncture Project: An Introduction


Hello. Welcome to Berkeley Acupuncture Project. We’re so glad you’re here. We have a few things we want to share with you about how the clinic works. The smoother our clinic runs, the lower we can keep our fees. And you have an important role to play in that. Ready?


When you first arrive at BAP you’ll need to check in with our receptionist to go over a few things.

If you haven’t already filled out the paperwork we’ll have you do that first. To save time you can complete these at home and bring them with you. All of our forms are available for download on our website. 


For future visits you’ll need to stop here to check in for your appointment and pay for your treatment BEFORE entering the clinic room, even to use the bathrooms. Public bathrooms are available across the street at Trader Joe’s.


To keep our operating costs as low as possible we prefer cash or checks. Each time you come you’ll be asked how much you want to pay for that visit. Our sliding scale is a really important piece of the community acupuncture model. YOU know best what amount YOU feel comfortable paying. It’s important to us that you can come as often as you need in order to heal and stay healthy. Our sliding scale is $20 to $40 with a one time new patient fee of $10.


We don’t bill insurance so if you need a receipt please take one each time you come in. Ask the receptionist if you need help finding the receipts. We don’t provide end of year receipts either.


Appointments are strongly encouraged but we can often accommodate drop-ins. It’s best to call or email ahead to see if we can squeeze you in and how long the wait will be. 


If you know you need to get up at a specific time please fill out a “WAKE ME” card and give to your acupuncturist during your treatment. Your acupuncturist can fill it for you if needed. We will keep an eye on the time for you. 


There might be a time when you come to your appointment and there’s no receptionist. In those rare cases we use what we call “Invisible Reception”. There is a sign listing instructions on how to pay. If you have an appointment and need help using our invisible reception or entering the clinic space please wait in the reception area as our acupuncturists frequently check when our receptionists are out.


Let’s go in and take a look at the clinic space so you’ll know what to expect before you settle in for your treatment. Be sure to use your library voice once you enter the clinic and don’t forget to turn off your cell phone. 


After you’ve checked in for your appointment  you’ll come straight back into the clinic and pick your chair. They’re all a little different from one another. Don’t get too attached to a favorite - it may not be available the next time you come in. Before you settle in please use the restroom first and keep your shoes on anytime you walk through the clinic. We don’t want anyone stepping on a stray needle.


If you think you might want a blanket or pillow please bring those with you before you settle in. Take off your shoes and socks and place all of your belongings into the basket BEHIND or under the chair so that they remain out of the way. Roll up your sleeves and pants legs - not so easy in skinny jeans!


All of our chairs recline, some by using a lever, some by simply pushing the chair back once you’re sitting in it. Now you’re ready for your treatment! Your practitioner will briefly go over your health history and discuss your treatment plan.


We only use single use, sterile needles and we are all fully licensed acupuncturists trained in gentle needling technique. The great thing about the style of acupuncture we use at BAP is that we can treat nearly everything using points on your arms, legs, hands, feet and head. That means we can relieve your back pain by putting needles in your hands and feet. Came in for knee pain? We might put needles near your elbow. It works! 


Now it’s time to settle in for your “BAP-nap”. We recommend staying anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. You can either let us know ahead of time how long you’d like to stay or you can just trust that your body will know when the treatment is over. 


If snoring bothers you grab a pack of earplugs before your treatment. Please keep them and bring them with you next time you come in. 


It’s very important that you NEVER get up with needles in or remove your own needles even to use the bathroom or grab a blanket. To get our attention during your treatment please clear your throat and/or make eye contact with the practitioner when they come in the room. If you’re in the back room ring the buzzer. We will come as soon as we can. We will likely be in the middle of treating another patient so it may take us a moment or two. 


Your practitioner will go over the best treatment plan for you. We keep detailed notes for your visits so you don’t need to see the same practitioner each time. We work as a team!


Since most conditions require a series of treatments, and we want you to be able to come regularly, BAP is open 7 days a week. 


If you are sick and are coughing, sneezing, or have a fever, or if you have a rash, then please fold the sheet over your blankets so we know to get them in the wash right away. After your treatment please neatly fold your blankets and return them to the shelves.


We’re so happy to welcome you to the Berkeley Acupuncture Project!

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