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COVID-19 has made us all adapt to a new reality. In order to continue serving our community, we are offering online appointments aka 'telehealth'. We are excited about this opportunity to share the many other skills we have as practitioners of Chinese Medicine. In our initial stages of telehealth appointments, we will be offering health intakes, nutritional support, herbal consultations, guidance on using acupressure techniques at home, and remote acupuncture (see below). *As of July 12, 2021 prepaid balances can only be used for in-person acupuncture.

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How do acupuncturists do telehealth?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a robust and well-rounded system of healing. It is made up of five “pillars” of healing techniques which all licensed acupuncturists have training in. Those pillars are acupuncture, herbs, food (nutrition), exercise, and massage or bodywork techniques. Acupuncture and herbs are generally easy to incorporate into our busy lives, so tend to be people’s ‘go-to’ options. But diet, exercise, and at-home self-massage techniques are powerful tools anyone can use to improve their health. In a telehealth session, your BAP practitioner will draw from their knowledge of all five pillars to come up with a plan to help you meet your health goals. 

Allergies & Pediatrics

Since we are asking folks with active sneezing and coughing and children under the age of two (or kids who can't sit comfortably with a mask on) to book telehealh, we want to let you know how telehealth can be effective for you.


ALLERGIES: In a telehealth session your practitioner will find out your individual allergy presentation and make herbal recommendations that are customized to you. They may also make dietary suggestions and teach you acupressure techniques and other at-home tips to help reduce your symptoms.

CHILDRENChildren's developing systems are very responsive to acupressure techniques. BAP practitioners will teach you gentle "Shoni Shin" Japanese acupressure techniques and suggest pediatric herbal formulas to help your little one feel better.

Remote Acupuncture

If the idea of remote acupuncture sounds strange to you, remember that acupuncture is an energetic medicine. If you had never heard of acupuncture before, would it make sense to you that the idea of putting tiny needles in your feet or hands would cause your headache to go away? If you've been getting acupuncture for a while, you may have become accustomed to the notion of how qi flows through the body in meridians that traverse the interior of our bodies.

Small acupuncture model for remote acupuncture; model of ear for ear acupuncture

Well, those meridians and that qi are all part of a complex system of quantum energy.  So by the practitioner focusing on the patient while inserting tiny needles in a remote surrogate, the patient receives that healing message.  Western science has a lot of catching up to do to fully explain the phenomena of distant healing, but  evidence is mounting that distance healing works, even as it is challenging to explain how it works.  (Like friendship and love, it may be hard to quantify why and how they make us feel better, but they do.)  When it really comes down to it, the most important question for you to ask is, "Will remote acupuncture help me?"  There's only one way to find out!  Book a telehealth session! 

For Remote Acupuncture sessions, we recommend that you set aside the appointment time for resting, just as you would if you were coming in for an in-person session.  You may feel tired once the needles are inserted into the surrogate (an acupuncture doll model designed for this purpose), and this will allow you to receive the full benefit of the session.

BodyIntuitive Telehealth Session

BodyIntuitive is a powerful energy medicine modality that blends classical Chinese medicine with 21st-century science. Using neuromuscular biofeedback and structured intuition, BodyIntuitive can access the "why" behind a health imbalance and help reprogram the internal systems involved to bring the bodymind back to balance as one integrated unit. After discovering the healing priorities that come up during your session, your practitioner will guide you to activate specific acupoints to fully integrate the work you've done together.


First Time BodyIntuitive telehealth session - $65 (50 minutes)

Follow-up BodyIntuitive telehealth session - $45 (30 minutes)

*These appointments are reserved for BAP patients.

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