COVID 19 and steps we're taking at BAP

The fast spread and global impact of this virus has highlighted how connected we are. On March 16th BAP temporarily suspended services in order to protect public health and comply with city, county, and state shelter-in-place orders. We have all watched state and local numbers rise, fall, and rise again. As of now (mid-July) we are opening services slowly and cautiously. To begin with we are offering tele-health appointments and limited in person services that require a shorter duration. Group acupuncture appointments are still temporairily suspended.


*If you are immunocompromised call your doctor or medical provider to find out what their recommendations are for you.

Precautions and Hygiene at BAP

  • All frequently touched surfaces are disinfected regularly.

  • We wash our hands before and after treating each patient.

  • We are now wearing masks when in close contact with patients.

  • We have spaced our chairs 6 feet apart as per CDC recommendations.

  • We change our sheets after every patient and/or We are now using disposable paper to cover our chairs.

We use universal precautions which means that we treat everyone as a high risk patient. However, if you have any symptoms such as cough, fever, new loss of smell or taste, if you have potentially been exposed, and certainly if know or suspect you may have the virus do not come to BAP. Please call your health care provider or your local health department.


We are not listing statistics and similar data here because it changes frequently and because we are not public health specialists. We strongly recommend referring to credible sources such as Alameda Public Health Dept, the CDC, and your city government's home page. 

How is it spread?
Mostly through close contact with a sick person. The virus is spread via droplets from coughing and sneezing. There is some debate about the risk of aerosolized contagion and we are airing on the side of caution by continuing to suspend group treatments. Droplets then land on surfaces, a person touches the surface then their nose, mouth or eyes. The virus only enters through one of these routes (nose, mouth or eyes).

The incubation period is commonly found to be between 2-14 days – typically 3 days. This is the time when a person has no symptoms and doesn’t know about it. Because of this, we will be using universal precautions for any in person treatments – this means we assume that everyone has the ability to spread virus and act accordingly. It is not known how long it survives on surfaces – it could be from a few hours to a few days. Disinfecting surfaces with disinfectant or soap and water will kill the virus.

How do we protect ourselves?

 The single most important thing is to wash our hands frequently or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. This is because the virus has a fatty envelope which is broken down by good old soap and water, or alcohol. Wash hands for 20 seconds (the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday slowly!) Rub every surface of your hands including the backs.

Second – avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. This is easier said than done. We touch our faces more than 90 times a day. Face masks and glasses help you to avoid touching these areas. 
 Stay 3 feet away (WHO) or 6 feet (CDC) from a coughing person.
 Don’t shake hands or otherwise touch people when you are out and about. Clean surfaces that you regularly touch.


And ALWAYS wear a mask when in public or around others who are not part of your household.

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