Herb Resources for BAP Patients

We  have created a limited online apothecary for you to access some common formulas and topical products through our suppler, Acu-Market. Please click on the links below for a few of our favorite formulas many of you have been taking for years, plus at-home acupressure tools  to accompany your telehealth sessions.

Chinese Herb Formulas and Brands

In Chinese herbal medicine we use "formulas". These are recipes which include multiple herbs that work synergistically. These recipes or formulas can be centuries old and many brands make the same formula, sometimes modifying them with additional herbs. The companies we recommend employ rigorous quality testing and demonstrate transparency in their sourcing practices and testing procedures. We don't recommend any herbs we wouldn't take ourselves or give to our families!

What's the difference between tablets/teapills and tinctures?

It's mostly just a matter of preference. Some people prefer the ease of tinctures while others are used to swallowing tablets or teapills. Some people choose based on price. Some have found they respond more quickly to one more than the other.

Don't see your formula here?

We have made the most common and safest formulas available here. These are formulas we feel confident  offering without a consultation and that have no contraindications. However, there are still subtleties, so read the description of each to make sure it's the right one for you and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about a formula. If you don't see your formula here you can either wait to book a telehealth or in-person acupuncture session or email us at info@bapnap.com. If it's an easy refill we will send you an online prescription form. Thank you for your patience!

Herbal formulas have been safely used for centuries for symptoms but are not a "cure all" or a replacement for primary care from your doctor.

Acu-Market: Herbs & Acupressure Supplies 

Acu-Market is our primary supplier for needles and many herbal products. They are big supporters of POCA and community acupuncture clinics and are very dedicated to the promotion and support of TCM. As soon as the nation experienced the mass shut-down they launched "Acu-Script", an online program to help practitioners get their patients the herbs they need. Click on the categories below to see what products are available for online purchase without a prescription. Email info@bapnap.com if you don't see your formula here. If it's an easy refill, we'll send you a prescription to order it online.

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