Meet Our Team

All BAP acupuncturists have earned their Masters degree in Chinese Medicine and are fully licensed through the California Acupuncture Board. We work as a team to help you meet your health goals. We take careful notes at every visit so that each time you come in, no matter which practitioner you see, we can follow up with you to see how you felt after your last treatment as well as keep track of how you are progressing. Acupuncture works best when you receive it regularly. 


Our acupuncturists

Joleen McKillip, L.Ac

Jorge Madrid, L.Ac

Julia Carpenter, L.Ac

Liz Spurlock, L.Ac

Mary Stewart, L.Ac

Michelle Lemieux, L.Ac

Ruben Bomse, L.Ac

Sierra-maria Magdalena, L.Ac

Vignesh Swaminathan, L.Ac

Our friendly reception staff

Clari Britz-Rouseau

Mark Roloff

Pamela Rodriguez-Frenberg

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