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Dec 7th: Major Snow dà xuě 大雪

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

*In the Chinese calendar, the first day of winter is around November 7th (Start of Winter lì dōng 立冬). Read more about the Solar Terms here.

We are about to enter the seasonal node "Major Snow dà xuě 大雪" (begins around December 7). In the environment and time of the authors of the solar term system, heavy snow was expected (or hoped for) in the agricultural fields. This snow protected the soil beneath it from the freeze/thaw cycles and provided moisture for the early Spring crops. People took care to keep warm and eat 'warming' foods. One of the tips we learned from one of our teachers was, "Avoid the cold, seek warmth, nourish the yin". We may not be seeing much snow here in the Bay area, though we can see lower temperatures. Stay warm when appropriate and be mindful of exerting too much energy. Keep the Qi and Blood moving by doing self-massage on the acu-points LI4, LV3, and ST36. Foods such as beef, tempe, warming spices (ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, garlic) are considered warming. *Check out the "Five Flavors" and "Seasonal Eating" tips found here.

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