Meet Our Team

The mandatory shut down due to the coronavirus forced us to lay off our entire staff. With very heavy hearts we are sad to say we are unable to hire back our entire team at this time. We are working hard to rebuild our clinic and hope to have our beloved team members back in the future.

All BAP acupuncturists have earned their Masters degree in Chinese Medicine and are fully licensed through the California Acupuncture Board. We work as a team to help you meet your health goals. We take careful notes every time so that at each appointment, no matter which practitioner you see, we can follow up with you to see how you felt after your last treatment as well as keep track of how you are progressing.  


Our practitioners

Sierra-maria Magdalena, L.Ac

Jorge Madrid, L.Ac

Julia Carpenter, L.Ac

Vignesh Swaminathan, L.Ac

Mary Stewart, L.Ac

Michelle Lemieux, L.Ac

Acupuncture Hours

Mon  1:30-4:10

Tues  closed

Wed  1:30-4:10

Thur  2:30-5:10 

Fri    10:30-1:10

Sat   10:30-5:10

Sun  closed

Telehealth Hours

Mon   2-4

Tues   10-12

Fri      1-3

1700 Shattuck Ave, 

Berkeley CA 94709    

(510) 845-1100     

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