Bodywork Practitioners

We're so excited to share our space with bodyworkers and other healing practitioners again. The following practitioners share our healing space at BAP, but we do not manage their appointments. Please contact them directly. We love them all and think you will too!



SUNDAY: Melissa Harel 

MONDAY: for rent

TUESDAY: for rent



FRIDAY: for rent

SATURDAY: Corinne Lee 

Bodyworker Bios and Info


Melissa Harel

Reiki Master & Teacher, Massage Therapist

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MODALITIES: Reiki, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Jin Shin Jytsu, Tuning Forks

Hi, I'm Melissa.  I am an Intuitive Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, Massage Therapist, and Medical Esthetician. I have practiced alternative healing for a combination of over 25 years. I help people struggling with stress, illness, or chronic pain to release blocked emotions, dissolve tension, and tune their energies toward a more positive state of well-being. I work with people facing a range of health challenges including trauma, PTSD, addiction, hormonal imbalance, and terminal illnesses.

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Together, we untangle the threads of their suppressed emotions and pinpoint, then release blocked energy in the body to uncover their inner healing potential. We dig deep to uncover the root causes (both physical and emotional). Then devise a custom healing protocol to restore balance in their lives.


Niksen "Nik" Kurtz
They | Them Pronouns 
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Esalen® Massage, Deep Bodywork®,

Sports Injury Massage, Cranial Sacral, Soul Motion™ and DanceAbility®

Massage can significantly reduce pain, calm stress, improve range of motion and help you move through emotions that have been stored in your body.  Who you are and what you bring, is where each session will start.  Nik brings a nurturing and meditative touch to bodywork that allows them to sink deep into the layers of the muscles and connective tissues. Whether you are coming in for relaxation or injury rehabilitation massage, Nik uses their heart, hands and ears to listen and meet the needs of their clients.

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They combine deep tissue techniques with slow integrative strokes to relax your nervous system and create space for the body to do its own healing.  Nik’s bodywork practice is also greatly informed by their love of dance and use of somatic tools to support you in unwinding your body from personal, interpersonal and systemic trauma. Their intention is to leave you feeling connected and more embodied.

Nik's specialties include: Supporting nervous system regulation, alleviating lower back and hip pain, opening pectoral tightness to relax the upper back, TMJ release, diaphragm/belly/breath work, creating more flow and ease in the neck, and helping energy move smoothly throughout the entire body system.  Working with Gender Expansive / Non-binary / Trans folks, folks who Bind, those who are pre/post chest/breast surgery (Top Surgery / Mastectomy).  Nik offers exercises to put into action between sessions, encourages a routine in receiving massage and creating a regular movement practice as well as offers support in re-patterning thoughts that no longer serve you. 

*Please note, Nik is allergic to scents & fragrance and asks that you please arrive as scent and fragrance free as possible.


Corinne Lee

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Esalen® Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Neuro-Affective Touch, Opening Yoga® Therapist

Esalen® Massage is known for its informed, nurturing touch. We as practitioners do not aim force fix but instead meet the client’s tensions and patterns where they are. Supporting the client this way shows their body a way to deeply connect with itself. This creates a deeply relaxing massage that balances energy and reattunes the body as a unified whole. 

That connection is what we call presence. 

This form of bodywork directly touches into the central nervous system. 

Both the receiver and practitioner sense the deeply nourishing effects. That is the power of this bodywork.


What Makes Esalen® Massage Unique?

The practitioner is working with, instead of on, the client. The massage is a moving meditation; the practitioner is committed to being as fully present as possible for the entire massage session. The practitioner is aware that a client may be affected on physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual levels. Long, flowing strokes, integrated throughout the massage give a sense of relaxation, connection and wholeness.


Benefits of Esalen® Massage

Relieves Anxiety, Depression

Increases Interoception

Increased range of motion

Reduced stress

Deeply relaxed state


Thank you and I look forward to working with you!