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Ear Seeds & Tacks


Whether you are using ear seeds on your own, or supplementing your other BAP treatments by having seeds or tacks placed at one of our ear clinics, ear seeds and tacks are a safe and excellent resource for wellness. They can remain in the ear for several days, gently stimulating your body's innate healing abilities. Ear tacks are teeny tiny needles that are applied to ear points. They are not available for home use but can be placed by a practitioner during an in-person treatment.


We have found most people to have no problem with seeds and tacks, however, remove them right away if they feel uncomfortable or itchy, or the skin around them appears red or irritated.


When applying ears seeds at home, clean the skin with soap and water or alcohol first. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. If your skin is sensitive to band aid and other similar adhesive, ear seeds & tacks may not be right for you.


With your fingers or tweezers peel the adhesive away from your skin. For tacks, carefully fold the edges inward (be careful not to poke your fingers), wrap in a tissue and discard in your garbage.

Can I place ear seeds on my body?

Yes! If your practitioner recommends it, you can place seeds on any point on the body.

Where can I buy them?

Ear seeds are available in the BAP online herb store or at

Make your own!

Ear seeds are traditionally made from the seeds of the vaccaria plant. They were chosen for this purpose because they are slightly acidic and cause a gentle stimulation to the acu-point. But practitioners have found over the millennia that simple pressure is enough to stimulate a point. To make your own ear seeds at home you'll need band aids or medical tape and mustard, radish or similar seeds, or small crafting beads. Simply cut off a small piece of the sticky part of the band aid, place the seed or bead at the center and apply to your skin. 

Cutting bandaid into thirds to make ear seeds
Radish seed at center of piece of band aid for home made ear seed
Homemade ear seed on hand