Welcome to BAP Telehealth

COVID-19 has made us all adapt to a new reality. In order to continue serving our community, we will be offering online appointments aka 'telehealth' soon. We are excited about this opportunity to share the many other skills we have as practitioners of Chinese Medicine. In our initial stages of telehealth appointments, we will be offering health intakes, nutritional support, herbal consultations, and guidance on using acupressure techniques at home. 

*If you have pre-paid treatments at BAP you will have the option of using them for telehealth sessions.


We are excited to be using "Jane", a new comprehensive booking platform. Things will look different to our return patients. Please email us if you have trouble navigating our new system.

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Current BAP patients can access our ONLINE HERB STORE.

Email us at info@bapnap.com for login info.

How do acupuncturists do telehealth?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a robust and well-rounded system of healing. It is made up of five “pillars” of healing techniques. Those pillars are acupuncture, herbs, food (nutrition), exercise, and massage or bodywork techniques. California licensed acupuncturists receive training in all five pillars. Acupuncture and herbs are generally easy to incorporate into our busy lives, so tend to be people’s ‘go-to’ options. But diet, exercise, and at-home self-massage techniques are powerful tools anyone can use to improve their health. In a telehealth session, your BAP practitioner will draw from their knowledge of all five pillars to come up with a plan to help you meet your health goals. 

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