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Volunteering at BAP

Volunteering at BAP is a great way to support us. It takes a lot of time and energy to keep things rolling at the clinic, and we are so appreciative and grateful to each and every one of our volunteers. In addition to the great feeling of helping keep BAP running, volunteers are invited to receive complimentary acupuncture treatments and discounts on herbs. Read about the process of becoming a volunteer below. 

Volunteers at the Berkeley Acupuncture Project

Current Volunteer Needs

(updated June 2024)

We currently have no volunteer needs at the moment.

Ongoing or Project-Based Volunteering

There are two ways to volunteer at BAP; ongoing and project-based. Ongoing volunteers are asked to commit to a 6-month minimum. Examples of ongoing volunteer roles are laundry mavens, cleaning helpers, plant care, handy-person, and IT support. Project-based volunteers engage in one-time projects, large and small. Examples of project-based volunteer roles are carpentry, film-making, photography, and graphic design.


By far our most common volunteer role is laundry mavens. We wash a LOT of sheets and blankets! To be a laundry volunteer you must commit to a minimum of 6 months, have access to a washer and dryer and a car to pick up and drop off loads of laundry. We provide unscented laundry soap, but it is very important that our linens never come back smelling of any fragrance. If you use scented laundry products for yourself, including scented dryer sheets, you must ensure that the smell does not transfer to our linens. There are two options for laundry volunteering:

Drop-in: come when you want (minimum 1x/month) 

Weekly: (minimum 1 basket/week)  

Apply to be a BAP volunteer

Send us an email to and include the following information:

  • Why would you like to volunteer?

  • Describe your interest and experience in community acupuncture & BAP.

  • Describe what qualities or experiences would make you a great volunteer.

  • Confirm that you can make a six-month commitment.

*We make a big commitment to take on volunteers, so we need to know that you will be able to honor our request for this length of time.

After reviewing your email, our Volunteer Coordinator will reply ASAP. If we agree that you have the experience, background, and BAP-love needed for volunteering, we will schedule a time for you to meet with our Volunteer Coordinator. If you and BAP both agree it’s a good fit, then we will schedule time to show you the ropes and discuss your new role at BAP!

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