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Herb Events w/Sophia

Herb events with Sophia

Wild Roots Medicine Circles ~ A Weekly Herbal Learning Space

When: Sundays, 2-4pm, drop-in weekly class
Where: UC Gill Tract Community Farm, Albany, CA
Suggested Donation: $15-35
Who: Open to all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels

Self Cultivation on the Path of Tea
Sunday, October 8th, 2-4pm

Join us as we drop into a silent tea journey that will take us deeper into ourselves, our connection to nature, and each other.  This class includes a speech from tea itself and will cap with a short description of the types of tea and paths of cultivation with the plant, Camellia sinensis, lovingly called tea.   We will wrap up with an open Q&A and tea discussion.


Michael Angelo is a loyal tea loving monk who has studied tea for a long time, drank tea with tea people up and down the west coast, and worked at various beloved bay area tea spots over the years, locally including Alembique Apothecary and Blue Willow.  He loves tea and you!


Tending to our Inner Rains: Herbal medicine for grief, heartbreak, and joy
Sunday October 22, 2-4pm

Being human is being inseparably woven with the land around us. As the seasons change here on Huichin Ohlone lands, and the rain returns while the days darken, how can we support our own inner flow of rains and joys? Which medicines can we call upon as autumn asks us to let go of so much and prepare for winter? How can we enter the rainy, dark part of the year with respect for our inner waters? Come and join us as we sit with these questions and experience how plants can help us answer them. We will be medicine making, tea blending, and meditating with plants, all focusing on tending our own emotional space during this time of year. Special focus will be given to the lymphatic, respiratory, and nervous systems. And of course, the heart.


Lia Leibman (she/they) is a devoted apprentice to the plants, the ancestors, and the seasons. As a local educator at the Berkeley Herbal Center, herbal medicine maker, and botanist, her work focuses on matchmaking humans with the plants that are here to help them heal and thrive. She is of Irish and Jewish descent, and honors her ancestors in her work.


Heal Thy Wounds: Making Healing Salves
Sunday October 15th 2-4pm

We will be pressing out the oils we made two weeks ago and turning them into a multi purpose healing salve.  Learn how simple ingredients can combine to make a very useful healing balm for cuts, bruises, chapped lips, burns, itch, and more!


Gill Tract Harvest Fest: Tea Tent Pop Up!
Sunday October 29, 12-4pm (w/Sophia and herbal elf helpers)

Come hang out in our bamboo icosahedron tea tent.  We will be pouring up a variety of botanical tea delights to welcome in the autumnal harvest season.  This is a space for mingling and play with plants and people!  



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