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Our New Home

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

After 20 months of living in limbo BAP has a new home! We were sad to leave Berkeley but have been warmly welcomed by our new Albany neighbors. Our new location is 1229 Solano Ave. It took several weeks for the whole process to wind down, and to be honest, we're still working on the finishing touches! There is so much that comes with moving the clinic - from the lease negotiations, to utilities, furniture move-in, plus setting up new systems for the staff. But there is fun stuff too! We are delighted to have longtime friend of BAP, Pamela Baron's art hanging on our walls! Pamela is the artist whose magical woodland creatures (formed from tape art) graced our old clinic at 1834 University Ave. Check out Pamela's beautiful gem and plant series below. Learn more about Pamela:

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